• Precision Handle

    Precision Handle

    Forseti Cutlery offers a variety of handles that may accommodate a wide variety of culinary traditions and personal preferences.

  • Handmade


    Each of our knives is a one-of-a-kind creation. All parts, from the steel to the handle, are forged by hand. Thus, each knife is unique.

  • Extraordinary Design

    Extraordinary Design

    The pattern on our Damascus steel blades is not a print. The patterns on the blades are created by random during the forging process.

  • Matching Sets

    Matching Sets

    For your convenience, we provide sets of kitchen knives that include both utility and chef blades produced from the same material and with the same design.

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Forseti Designs Deft

Being neat, skilled, and swift in one's motions is what it means to be deft. Forseti Cutlery is known for crafting exquisite kitchen knives that have great ergonomic handles for enhanced control. From our genuine Damascus steel kitchen chef knives to our steak knives, we provide only the finest, sharpest, and most remarkable products, which we stand behind 100 percent. All our knives are backed by our free lifetime-shaprneing.